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Visar inlägg från januari, 2015

[VAWT] Awarded!

So I wrote applications for a competition for bachelors thesises at Chalmers University of Technology, called Bachelors Challenge.  After passing two steps of selection, we got to present our concept in front of a public audience and a jury consisting of representants from Chalmers and various companies, including the internationally famous Ångpanneföreningen. We competed in the category "Green Initiative and Sustainable Development".

Madeleine, another person from our six person team and I held the presentation. Competition was hard. One of the competitors for instance presented a concept for converting plant matter that is wasted today into useful plastics.

To our help Jens and Madeleine, from our  group consisting of six persons, built a model of the windturbine. As we couldn't find a suitable source of wind we decided to spin the turbine with a DC motor instead. Then we used my previously designed software to make an onscreen live demonstration of the performance, w…