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Visar inlägg från juni, 2013

The heating system

One of my former projects was the design and practical realization of an automated wood fired heating system. Two key characteristics of the project were the reuse of junkyard bargains and realization of electronic system starting from component level. Budget was kept low.

The system is now warming a house situated on a farm on the Swedish countryside.
 I for sure have never done a project spanning so many different categories of work. In the end I had done manual metal work and welding, plumbing, electrical installation, creation of control- and calculation algorithms, circuit design and programming to name some.
A box on the upper floor of the house with an Atmega328 microprocessor controls the whole heating  system.  
Here is a video summary of the project:

Systems furnace is a Braland 21 from
The control system that is now up and running can among other things monitor 16 different temperatures, control all the systems pumps and do different kind of logging.

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