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Line follower robot prototype

Before Stockholm Robot Championship 2013 I built a prototype for a line follower robot. The goal was to build something quickly that would be easy to modify, get it to go around the track and then learn as much as possible for a perhaps next version to come. It's the first robot I've built, apart from basic one we built in a project course.  I tried an Olimexino ARM development board for this project. It's basically an Arduino clone but it's physically smaller and lighter than the Arduino Due board, and cheaper, at least on eBay.
I had slight problems with the drivers on this board. Here are some info about Olimexino drivers that at least helped me:

 However, when considering the "bang for the buck" Olimexino is still an attractive choice when compared to Arduino I think. 

 I have some stuff laying around in the drawer that I would like to try out on this robot if I choose to continue on it. For instance I would like to…