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[VAWT] Relation between rotor radius and conduction losses

Since the last post a lot of effort has been dedicated to a presentation and mid-project report so little concrete work has been done in the project itself.

Today I however played around with some equations and got a new one of interest. I haven't double checked it yet though so full disclaimer. However, it seems that the steady state conduction losses in relation to it's produced shaft power in a DC machine connected to a Savonius turbine with a radius r can be expressed as

\$ P_{cond.loss,frac}=\frac{P_{cond.loss}}{P_{shaft}} = \frac{R \rho H V C_{p0}}{\lambda_0 k n}r^3 \$ (1)
where V is the wind speed, R is the DC machine series resistance, Roh is the air density H is the rotor height, Cp0 denotes the turbine effiency and lambda a desired tip-to-wind-speed-ratio, both assumed to be constant (a good approximation if a controller is used). Furthermore k is the ideal DC machine constant and n is a gearing ratio between the turbine and DC machine shaft assumed to have no losses…